Leonardo Uieda




I'm a geophysicist working mainly on inverse problems in gravity and magnetics.

Starting February 2014, I'm working as Professor of Geophysics at the Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I teach the "Intro to Geophysics" courses to Geology students, among others. A typical day at work usually involves a lot of open-source software development, for both research and teaching. My language of choice is Python. I'm one of the founders and main developer of Fatiando a Terra.

In the spirit of open-science, I share all of the research and teaching material online under permissive licenses. You'll find links to source code, images, lessons, etc, scattered around my personal website (look for the icon).

Follow me on Twitter (@leouieda) and Github (@leouieda) for updates on teaching and research, random things from the world of academia, etc.

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