Papers marked with a are open-access and those with a have open-source code in public Github repositories.

Scanning magnetic microscope using a gradiometric configuration for characterization of rock samples

(2019) J. Araujo, André L. A. Reis, A. A. P. Correa, E. Yokoyama, Vanderlei C. Oliveira Jr., L. A. F. Mendoza, M. A. C. Pacheco, C. Luz-Lima, A. F. Santos, F. G. Osorio G., G. E. Brito, W. W. R. Araujo, Tahir, A. C. Bruno, T. Del Rosso. Materials.

Gravitational field calculation in spherical coordinates using variable densities in depth

(2019) Santiago Soler, Agustina Pesce, Mario E. Gimenez, Leonardo Uieda. Geophysical Journal International.

Characterizing complex mineral structures in thin sections of geological samples with a scanning Hall effect microscope

(2019) J. Araujo, André L. A. Reis, Vanderlei C. Oliveira Jr., A. F. Santos, C. Luz-Lima, E. Yokoyama, L. A. F. Mendoza, J. M. B Pereira, A. C. Bruno. Sensors.

Efficient 3D large-scale forward-modeling and inversion of gravitational fields in spherical coordinates with application to lunar mascons

(2019) Guangdong Zhao, Bo Chen, Leonardo Uieda, Jianxin Liu, Mikhail K. Kaban, Longwei Chen, Rongwen Guo. Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth.

Estimating the magnetization distribution within rectangular rock samples

(2016) André L. A. Reis, Vanderlei C. Oliveira Jr., E. Yokoyama, A. C. Bruno, J. M. B Pereira. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems.